Picture of Pierre Poulin

Pierre Poulin

Theme Leader (Entertainment)

Professor of Computer Science
Université de Montréal

Pierre Poulin is Professor of Computer Science at Université de Montréal. His graphics and animation research covers image synthesis, illumination, image-based modeling and rendering, simulation of physical and natural phenomena, and real-time rendering. Co-founder of SIGGRAPH Montréal and vice-president of CHCCS, he serves on the editorial board of Computer Graphics Forum, the francophone journal REFIG, and as guest co-editor of a special issue of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. He will be paper co-chair of Eurographics'13, has been conference co-chair of Computer Graphics International '11, and co-chair of EGWNP'05 and GI'2000. He has served on program committees on more than 45 international conferences. His research has been used by Montreal companies including Electronic Arts, Mokko Studios, Taarna Studios, and Autodesk for game, animation, and computer-aided design software.